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Arcaxer is a VR turn based RPG with first person action oriented combat, and a 3rd person god-view overworld for the  Oculus Quest.

In the overworld you will explore procedural dungeons to find equips and new abilities for your character. You can also explore the hub world to interact with NPC's and buy new items with the credits that you earn in the dungeon.

Even though combat is turn based you must dodge enemy attacks with your body, and aim and time your own attacks with gestures. Can you make it to the top of "The Stack"?

Player Classes Choose fighter, thief, or mage to drastically change which abilities you learn as you explore the dungeons.

Fighter: A class with a focus on physical attacks Mage: A class with a focus on Hax, the game's special abilities. Thief: A class that requires skill and precision to use properly

Procedural Generated Dungeons The Stack is a huge procedurally generated dungeon filled with random enemies and loot. The dungeon changes as you get higher including more dangerous traps and enemies.

This is an early demo of a game in development and may have bugs, balance, and performance issues.

Join the discord to discuss the game and see previews of new content! https://discord.gg/BCqy2m3 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsOculus Quest, Virtual Reality (VR)


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Arcaxer Rift / OpenVR Beta 1.32.0
Arcaxer Quest 1.34.3

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I bought this on app lab and there is no passthrough option. Will passthrough be added to the app lab version?

Passthrough was only available in an old experimental build, it will be re-added to the applab version in the future.

very good Game!!

I bought it 01.2021! But my Oculus Code doesnt work…

Message me on Discord and I can  help you figure out whats up:

I played the demo and enjoyed it, but the smooth overworld/dungeon movement made it uncomfortable, even with the vignette option; is there any option in the full version for something like the player teleporting around to different perspectives but moving the character independently?

(Funnily enough the best workaround I found was shifting the world to be above me so the lack of back face visibility meant the world was mostly not visible aside from major objects 😅)


Not yet but I do have teleport movement on my list of things to implement for overworld movement.

Are there any differences between the Steam version and Quest version? 
I like the idea of the quest version for portability (of course) but I have steam credit which seems more financially viable. ( Same price in Australia).

The PC version has slightly better graphics but other than that they're pretty much identical. If you want to play untethered I would go with the stand alone version.

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Will there be more area’s?or maybe dlc

Yeah were working on new areas / dungeons right now

Hi Anthony, I purchased this game a couple days ago and only just now managed to start playing today.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to "Press A to advance dialogue" after starting a new file.  I'm using Index Controllers; perhaps this was something you haven't managed to test against?  I used the OpenVR Bindings Menu to bind both of the A face buttons, but it still doesn't seem to pick it up.

I understand this might be a non-trivial ask, but I wouldn't suppose you might be able to convert the control schema to the "new" setup using the SteamVR Input System?  It _should_ have support for Oculus, Vive, and Index controllers.

why cant i use debug mode?


you have to hold both thumbstick down + A and X on the title screen for 5 seconds until you see the debug mode text pop up

What's the max level?


Right now there is no level cap

Been thinking about getting this for awhile (downloading the demo now that i have my quest 2) but its tough knowing that I'll be having to pay at minimum $50 to have it as you buy this Early Access game but don't get the final product which you will have to buy again, and I'm sure the final product will get a price increase at release.

 You have a great game, a good following\community looking forward towards this and more of what you will produce but to double dip on sales for people supporting it prier to release is bad bussiness practice imo. 

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Hey thanks for the comment. I've gotten quite a few messages similar to yours and after more consideration I've decided make sure the Itch version receives all future updates. We don't know if Arcaxer will ever make it to the Oculus Store but we will try to get everyone who purchased the pre-release version a store key as well.


Awesome. With that, you have my money. I absolutely loved the demo :)


Worth every penny.


I have barely been able to put this game down since I purchased. I am at least 20 hours in by now and the game isn't even finished. After playing the demo I did not hesitate to pay $25 for this game. There is already more content than half of the games on the Oculus store and the last big update included an infinitely procedurally generated dungeon. In addition a side quest feature was just introduced to add more replay value in the lower levels of the dungeon. In addition the main dungeon can be reset at any time for a new experience.

The first person turn based combat is very fun and satisfying. There are melee weapons, guns and spells, like, lots of spells. The dev seems to come up with new ones constantly and they each have unique effects. You feel like you are in the combat as you swing the sword, literally throw a spell, and dodge the magic attacks coming back at you from the enemies. The combat never feels boring, even when revisiting the lower powered enemies to complete side quests. 

The characters and story have a good sense of humor. The procedurally generated dungeons add immense variety, and the devs really take pride in their work and have great interaction with the players. 


This is one of my favorite vr games right now, the devs are very active in the discord, and the community is great and will help you with anything you need.

The update schedule: Two updates are planned to come out every month but within the last 12 days they have put out four updates and two of them were very big.

Okay now on to the actual game play, Arcaxer is a turn based RPG where you can use different spells to climb a huge tower called the stack to stop taskmaster from reaching the top. There is a demo you can play that goes up to the first main boss and gives a pretty good overview of the game, but the paid version as of now has the second main boss (a pretty epic mecha boat) new weapons and the first ally!