Update 1.20.0 Changelog

1.20.0 Changelog


- Added new Dungeon Block "Longhorn", the first 15 floors are available. (For save files from before 1.20.0, go back to Bryce to view a new cutscene to unlock the new block)

- Added Dancing Bones enemy

- Added Digital Ghost enemy

- Added Sad Ghost enemy

- Added Pumpkin Sentry enemy

- Added Skeleton Sentry enemy

- Added Spider enemy

- Added Bat enemy

- Added Ethereal, a beneficial glitch for enemies that makes them immune to weapon damage

- Added Life Bolt Module

- Added Ghost Bolt, a hack that detonates glitch effects on an enemy to deal massive damage.

- Added Blue. A hack that turns enemies blue. It's in a chest by the graveyard in The Hub. Have a grand ole time.

- Mages now learn Fire Storm at level 30, a hack that launches several flaming projectiles in random directions.

- Warriors now learn Blizzard at level 30, a hack that deals minor damage to all enemies and inflicts freeze.

- Thieves now learn Stun Shot at level 30, a hack that travels straight, requires 2 turns to charge, and stuns enemies for one turn.

- Added pumpkin bomb weapon. A lobbed grenade that can damage multiple enemies for the same amount of health.

- Added a new set of equipment that can be found in Longhorn Block

- Added Ghost Blaster. A ranged weapon that can remove Ethereal from enemies.

- Added Shadow Blade. A sword that can inflict Glitch Weaken.

- Added Bloody Axe. An axe that  can inflict bleed which prevents enemies from healing.

- Enemies in all blocks can now spawn with special modifiers that adjust their stats, size, and other special properties.

- Added Summon Elemental. A hack that summons an elemental that deals damage based on the weapon equipped to your right hand.

- Added cutscene that plays after Mecha Boat is defeated that leads into Longhorn Block.

- Added 3rd item stocks to the Pawn Shop and Sydney's Lab. 3rd item stock is unlocked upon unlocking Longhorn Block

- Added 4 new tasks to the tavern.

- Enemy's can now heal and buff each other.

- Added new music tracks that can play during cutscenes

- Added a secret shop NPC that can spawn in Longhorn block. He sells expensive modules for hax from other player classes that you can't normally access.

- Enemies have a new dissolved and particle effect that happens to their model when they die

- Added punching bag minigame to The Hub.

- Added damage text to the overworld that shows how much damage you take in the overworld


- New files now start with 3 power (up from 1)

- Camera rotation is now saved between battles

- You can now use trigger or the A button to press buttons in menus

- Made it easier to click buttons in the UI

- Deflected projectiles now have some randomness applied to their return trajectory

- Tornado hax now have a 1 turn cooldown

- Increased power of tornado hax

- Mirrored camera turn is now the default setting

- Changed the icon for low level guns

- Reduced throw power required for a spear to be thrown

- Reduced weapon damage for most weapons 

- Captain Bryce now shoots multiple bursts of water bolts and they are now harder to dodge

- Thopter projectiles are now harder to dodge

- Enemies have new dissolve effects when they die

- Adjusted credit value of most equips

- The player's turn now ends automatically if no hax can be cast

- Nerfed Reaper Shark Damage by 50

- Lowered the PP cost of most flat-stat passives

- Fixed incorrect descriptions on flat stat passives

- Shrunk collider on the Pirate troll cross attacks.

- Shrunk the damage area of the aberration lasers.

- Made some optimizations to The Hub for a smoother framerate in the center of town.


- Fixed Reaper Shark's aim assist target being too low

- Enemy portal effects now appear where the enemy spawns

- Floor 0 of Sim Sim Tower will no longer be a boss floor

- Fixed reflected projectiles being gigantic

- Fixed crossbow bolt causing collision after hitting an enemy

- Shrunk Sniper shot's particle effect to more accurately reflect it's collider

- Spell select menus now turn off when the player's turn ends

- Fixed fight trigger with the Colossal Toxin.

- You can no longer close the menu in the Tavern


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Jul 31, 2020

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