Update 1.18 - Sim Sim Tower Update

1.18.0 Changelog

- Added Sim Sim Tower. An infnite dungeon with enemies that scale in difficulty. Access it from a new NPC in The Hub.
- Added the Tavern where players can views and complete new Tasks which award credits, exp, and items for completeing various objectives.
- Added several new quest items that drop from enemies in The Stack
- Added 10 Tasks to the tavern
- Added a rare roaming enemy to Whistler Block, the Reaper Shark. The Reaper Shark is a very powerful enemy that will likley destroy the player unless they are very prepared. The Reaper Shark has a 3% chance of spawning when the player leaves a battle or begins exploring. It travels in the water below the dungeon layout and will leap out of the water to engage the player in battle.
- Added "Scale Edge" a new epic melee weapon that can cut links. Scale edge is a tavern Task reward for defeating Reaper Shark.
- Added a new Ap Up item as a Task reward. Increases the player's max AP by 1.
- Added a new Hack "Debug". Debug heals 10% hp and cleanses debuffs. Can be obtained via tavern task by raising the level of Restore 1 to level 10.
- Added Frostfire bolt. Frostfire bolt deals 20% more damage to enemies inflicted with burn. Can be obtained via tavern task by raising fireball and frost bolt to level 10.
- Added Zoom Module. A passive that costs 0 PP and rasies the player's movement speed. Obtained via tavern task.
- Added EXP Boost Module Passive. Raises exp gained in battle by 10%. Obtained via tavern task.
- Added Summon Boost Passive. Raises damage performed by summons by 100. obtained via tavern task.
- Mage now learns "Hackerman" at level 20. A Passive that increases hax damage by 20%
- Thief now learns "Thievery" at level 20. A passive that allows the player to steal credits from enemies with attacks.
- Added "Bounce Pad" Item. Places a bouncy pad below you that propels you into the air.
- Added Bounce Pads to the pawn shop.
- Added bounce pads to dungeon chests
- Added "Compass Module" Item. Can be bought from the pawn shop for 500 credits. Allows the player to press A in dungeons to view the way to the exit.
- Added "Triple Thunder". A hack that fires 3 bouncing thunders for 2 AP, learned by Mages at level 22.
- Added "Earthquake". A hack that automatically damages all grounded enemies. Learned by fighters at level 22.
- Added "RNGza". A hack that randomly casts any other hack in the game for 1AP. Requires 1 turn to recharge. learned by Thieves at level 22.
- Added "Mark for Deletion" passive. Gives your weapon attacks a 50% chacne to apply "Marked for Deletion" which increases the damage of your next hack on the target by 50%.
- Added Death particle for Buggle type enemies.
- Added some button prompts to the tutorial
- White fade replaced with a black fade at the end of class select.

- Hax can now have charge up times. hax with charge up times require the specified amount of turns to pass before they can be cast.
- Restore 2 now restores 50% health and has a charge up time of 4 turns.
- Restore 1 now restores 30% health and has a charge up time of 2 turns.
- Buffs that increase stats now increase them by a percentage.
 - Hack Power 1 and Hack Defense 1 now increase stats by 25%
 - Enemy attack down debuff now lowers attack by 25%
- Changed the Soothing Mist Icon
- Updated particle effects for buff abilities and heal abilities
- Items that are unsellable now hide the toss / sell button
- Items that are un-usable now hide the use button
- Changed some text in the caster battle tutorial
- Changed the charging effect on most hax
- If the player levels up in the overworld a sound effect and particle effect will now play
- Passives now play a sound effect when equipping them
- Updated Shark Texture
- Adjusted bounciness of Bouncing Thunder
- Revised the main battle theme again
- Updated Lighting in the Sydney Fireball tutorial battle.
- Updated sky in the desert battle scene.
- Deflected thief projectiles can now damage enemies.
- Changed the portal effect that appears when enemies spawn.
- Removed Fireball Module from desert chests.
- Changed the bomb trap warning graphic.
- Nerfed Task Master's power by 10
- Adjusted terrain in The Hub to improve performance

- Fixed debuffs caused by the enemy not properly lowering stats.
- Fixed Toxic Imp facing the wrong way for their first attack.
- Fixed passives not unhighlighting after un-equipping them.
- Fixed the intro text appearing in the wrong part of The Hub
- Sydney now has a dialogue line when you talk to her as shes running away in The Hub rather than soft locking the game
- Fixed buggles having the ability to damage the player by touching their hands
- Fixed Combo Plus not stacking, it now maxes at 3 stacks.
- Fixed glitch chance on flaming crossbow
- Enemy debuff icons now line up to the right of the first one
- Increased overworld death animation time and fixed health going into negatives
- Super Caster and Gold Imp's projectiles no longer collide with level geometry.
- Fixed Bryce Lee spawning Chomper too often.
- Fixed Buggle Zero's returning too quickly
- Fixed movespeed modification not applying to Buggle movement

1.18.2 Changelog

- Player's overworld attack no longer lingers for a long time
- Fixed Sydneys Lab looking glitchy
- Fixed the game softlocking if an enemy dies on the enemy turn
- Fixed RNGza not costing 1 AP
- Fixed Tasks being able to be turned in over and over again.
- Fixed the Debug Task.
- Fixed Triple bolt not exploding on enemy collision
- Added Fire Sword as a very rare desert enemy drop.
- Adjusted lightning in the shop scenes areas.
- Made Frostfire bolt sellable for people that turned in the quest over and over again.

1.18.3 Changelog

- Fixed Dubloons being named Silicon
- Fixed Soothing Mist breaking saves
- Fixed Debug loading the wrong hack
- Added new Villager models to The Hub
- Added Master Destroyer NPC to The Hub
- Added new hand texture in battles
- Fixed occlusion culling error in Sydneys Lab
- Rotating the camera in the overworld no longer also rotates the player
- Reggie now has a collider after the cutscene taht plays after the Task Master battle
- Nerfed the damage of "Destabalize" glitch applied by Volcano Bolt
- Changed Cursed Cutlasses to a non-flying enemy
- Fixed on battle start buff passives
- Fixed Regeneration
- Increased thumbstick scroll speed in scroll menus
- Fixed duplicate passives not un-highlighting in the passives menu when un-equipped
- Fixed buffs getting removed at incorrect times on enemies
- Nerfed Frost Bolt's chacnce to inflict to 50%
- Removed Glitch Chance from Frostfire Bolt's tooltip
- Fixed Burns caused by weapons not doing damage
- Bosses are now immune during their final attacks
- Fixed Overclocked enemies giving too much EXP

1.18.4 Changelog

- Fixed weapons being able to apply debuffs more than once
- Fixed the combat hand AP cost text fields being too small to show some values
- Fixed a text error in expiring debuffs on enemes
- Increased spawn chance of Reaper Shark to 5%
- Changed the sell values of Health Modifier, Greater Health Modifier, and Heart Beet.
- Heart Beet now restores 500hp

1.18.5 Changelog

- Fixed Thievery working on dead enemies
- Fixed Banana Blitz not exploding on collision with target
- Fixed exp boost on items


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