Update 1.28.0 Changelog

1.28.0 Changelog

- Added Erase Time hack. Reduces all cooldowns by 1 turns, has a 2 turn cooldown. It cannot reduce the cooldown of itself or any other equipped Erase Time Hax.
- Added Fast Forward passive. 10% each turn to reduce all cooldowns by 1 turn.
- Added RGB Block tasks to the tavern.
- Added Defensive Hax. You can have one defensive hack equipped at a time which can be cast during the enemy turn. Defensive hax cost adrenaline.
- Added Stop Time. A defensive hack thieves learn at level 15. Pauses time for 4 seconds.
- Added Reflect. A defensive hack mages learn at level 15. Reflects all nearby projectiles back at enemies.
- Added Firewall. A defensive hack warriors learn at level 15. Makes the player invincible for 3 seconds.
- Added a couple more low level bonus chests to The Hub.
- Re-added Hyper Cube to the RGB Enemies List.
- Added Barkaxer, a cute lil dog that follows you around. Summon him with the Barkaxer Bone.
- Added new puzzle floor to floor 6 of Bottom Block.
- Added Debug Console for testing / cheating. To enable hold down the left and right thumbsticks and A and X all at the same time for 4 seconds. Debug console will appear above the menu in the overworld.
- Added help pop-up to the passives page.
- Added help pop-up to the loadout page that explains defensive Hax.
- Increased maximum number of save files from 3 to 6.
- Added Afterburner Hack. Grants 10 adrenaline for 1 AP. Can be purchased from Sydney's stock 3.

- Changes the module item sprites.
- Reduced item requirements for most tavern tasks.
- Buggles have a new model.
- Ghosts have a new model.
- Deadly Scrappers have a new model.
- Lowered required hand speed to deflect projectiles.
- Deflecting projectiles now provides haptic feedback.
- Lowered required hand speed to deal melee weapon damage.
- Updated The Stack Model.
- Task Master's battle scene has been updated.
- Updated the trees in Coffee Lake
- Llorona only gives you one phone now.
- Darkaxer hands no longer receive enemy modifiers.
- Fixed clock in the Darkaxer fight going below 0.
- Fixed the RGB puzzle sometimes not registering
- Fixed Darkaxer clones doing 0 damage.
- The Hover Zoom Module now allows the hoverboard to stop instantly.

- Fixed being able to interact with NPC's after a battle starts in the overworld.
- You can no longer open the menu after climbing stairs while the next floor is loading.
- Fixed green artifacts on stone tile in Bottom Block.
- Fixed an issue where players could keep a hack charged on the player turn, used their last AP with their weapon, and keep the hack going into the enemy turn in hand.
- Fixed holes in the tree meshes in The Hub.
- Improved performance in The Hub.
- Reduced memory usage in overworld scenes to help prevent crashing between large overworld areas.
- Braking on the hoverboard works now.
- Fixed music and SFX slider values defaulting upon opening the options menu.
- The hoverboard no longer remains enabled in the dungeon after the Janus Block Hoverboard floor.


Arcaxer Quest Beta 1.28.0
Jan 18, 2021

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