Update 1.27.0 Changelog

Update 1.27.0 The Story is Complete!

This is a massive update that contains the game's final battle against the Arcaxer's greatest foe. In addition to this there are many great graphical improvements and gameplay changes. See the full changelog below:

1.27.0 Changelog

- Weapons now have a spawn in effect.
- Added background details to The Hub.
- Janus Block has a new dungeon theme
- Added Cheat Damage, a passive learned at level 37 by thieves that gives them a 10% to take 0 damage on hit.
- Added Hack Floor, a passive learned at level 37 by fighters that halves the minimum damage you can take from enemies by 50%.
- Added Frenzied Casting, a passive learned at level 37 by mages that allows them to cast Arcax Missile during a frenzy for free.
- Added a new cutscene before RGB block that gives you an item that teaches you a new summon.
- Added a new cutscene to floor 15 of RGB block
- Added 5 floors to RGB block.
- Added final boss encounters to RGB Block and associated cutscenes.
- Added some details to the tutorial dungeon
- Added "Jailbreaker" to the Janus Block chest loot table. A melee weapon with a special ability that can deal damage to either you or the enemy.
- Added "Banado" a new melee weapon that does 1.5x damage to mechanical enemies. Obtainable via a new quest in Sandy Bridge.
- Added "That Guy's Axe" a new melee weapon that grants 10% exp gain and changes the default battle and Sim Sim battle music. Buy it from That Guy in Coffee Lake for 5000 credits.
- Added RGB Block enemies and the RGB Block Boss to Sim Sim Tower.
- Battle dialogue now has sound effects.

- Bottom and Whistler Blocks have new battle scenes.
- Made adjustments to the menu.
- Optimized The Hub for better performance.
- Updated Nichelle's model.
- Updated the main character's model.
- Spike projectiles have sound effects now

- Fixed physics on the crates in Sim Sim Tower.
- Fixed regular imps green outline on their death effect.
- Fixed shader issues on Caster Enemies.
- Fixed Mirror Image refunding too much AP on cast.
- Fixed Mirror Image not expiring after 3 turns.
- Fixed Captain Bryce's battle not ending sometimes.
- Fixed "The White Floor"
- Darkaxer now "returns you" to the hub even if you complete the Darkaxer Chest challenge.
- The text for the punching bag minigame UI now only appears during the minigame.
- Fixed backstab not working properly on some enemies.
- Fixed bad aim assist target placement on some enemies.
- Fixed HP passives not working.


Arcaxer Quest Alpha 1.27.0
Nov 13, 2020

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