Update 1.24.1 Changelog

1.24.0 Changelog:

- Added new Task to the tavern "Legendary Weapon". Complete to receive USBuster, a forbidden weapon with massive stats and a special ability activated by pressing the index trigger while wielding the weapon. The special ability costs 1 AP and causes your next attack to crit 100% of the time.
- Fighters now learn Sword Bouquet at level 35. A hack that fires a barrage of swords that deal that hand's weapon damage.
- Mages now learn Mirror Image at level 35. A hack that summons a clone that will copy every hack your cast choosing random targets
- Thieves now learn Backstab Bolt at level 35. A hack that fires a bouncing weapon that deals 250% damage to targets struck in the back.
- Added Auto Crit buff. Causes your next hack to crit 100% of the time. Is consumed upon damaging an enemy with a hack.
- Added Hack Power 1 Module to Sydney's stock 1.
- Adding scaling HP potions that restore a % of health.
- Added Nichelle the Sheriff's new model.
- Added a leave button to The Stack floor warp select.
- Updated the look of The Stack floor select menu.
- Added Spiky enemy modifier. Causes the enemy to deal 15% of the damage you deal to it back to the player.
- Added a cursor to the dialogue UI element
- Added a new sprite for the starting sword

- Moved Sydney's Lab to a new location in The Hub to improve performance.
- Buffs now increase and decrease stats based on percentages to help them scale better.
- The Hub now saves your progress when you return to it.
- Changed the price of Hack Defense 1 to 500 credits.
- Sim Sim chests now drop scaling HP potions rather than normal ones.
- In dungeons that go beyond floor 15, you may find encounters with more than 3 enemies on the field at once.
- The Hax Menu no longer appears in the tutorial until you have finished the battle with "Much Stronger Enemy"
- There is a slight 3d effect to the menu now.
- Updated weapon trails on all melee weapons.
- The overworld imps in the tutorial are now green like their battle counterparts
- Changed some materials in The Hub
- Grass is back in The Hub
- Changed the Coffee Lake background music
- Changed the background music in Sydney's Lab
- Shrunk size of the stairs in Bottom and Janus Block to allow the player to walk around them easier
- Set the combats player health, ap, and adrenaline bars to layer over geometry
- Reduced how fast credit rewards in chests scale up at higher floors in a block
- Improved drop rates on higher quality items in all chests
- Increased storm bombs's chance to hit linked enemies to 100% and buffed its power by 2.
- Increased Fish Bolt's chance to cut links from 30% to 40%
- Increased Mecha Boat's health and damage.
- Increased size of poison projectiles
- Increased accuracy of Toxic Chemist's shotgun blast attack.
- Shops now show equip item stats
- Lowered PP cost of Last Stand and Front Runner to 3 from 5.
- Added the blue set of armor to the first pawn shop stock.
- Adjusted prices of blue armor.
- Removed Battle Trainer items from the pawn shop and moved them to a new shop NPC in Sandy Bridge.
- Most spells have realtime lighting effects enabled now
- Changed the impact particle for arcax missile
- Damage Text is now smaller when you're close to an enemy
- Draco Thopters now spawn more projectiles and they travel faster
- You can now encounter Beanlings and Glacial Treats in Sim Sim Tower.

- Fixed some geometry in Coffee Lake.
- Fixed broken damage scaling with ghost bolt's detonate glitch effect.
- Triangle Aberration's attacks should have less of a delay in higher levels of Sim Sim Tower.
- Fixed one of the hax equips slots in the menus being slightly smaller than the rest.
- Fixed text getting cut off on the hand menu's in battle.
- If you die in the tutorial from the turret you will respawn with 50% health now instead of none.
- Dying to "Much Stronger Enemy" no longer causes the encounter to be marked as complete.
- Added a particle effect to the Arcaxer Module unlock effect in the tutorial.
- Fixed Ghost Blaster's chance to remove ethereal
- Fixed bubble shadows in The Hub
- Fixed hand material turning white after a frenzy.
- Removed collision on the particle that spawns where you learn Blue.
- Fixed carpets spawning in the air under turrets in Bottom and Janus Block
- Fixed boss dialogue boxes stacking 
- Fixed Master Destroyer's collider in The Hub
- Made modules dropped in Longhorn sellable
- Fixed dead enemies being selected as targets for aim assist on hax. 

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